Working out at Evolution is not only physically energizing, it keeps me mentally grounded & boosts my confidence. I have not only Kristen to thank, , I am also thankful to the Evolution members. We’re a team & are supportive of each other every step, no judgement, no need to feel intimidated, this kind of workout can be for everyone. You will feel stronger physically & mentally.

Julie Vickers

All instructors do an amazing job to motivate and ensure you get the most out of every workout. the results and support you need. Our highly educated coaches guide you through the movements and assist with form, making it a welcoming environment for members of all fitness levels! The program pushes the intensity far higher than you would ever achieve on your own. Highly recommended.

John Vanderwerf

Friendly and knowledgeable staff who help you with every movement and technique. They provide helpful advice on how to stay healthy physically and give many nutrition tips. Nothing is better then starting my day with a 45 minute workout with such a supportive group. Definitely would recommend to others to try this experience at least once!!

Darby McManus

Great workout this morning as usual - there are always new exercises to keep things fresh. Johnny and Kristen are both very helpful in set-up or ensuring proper form. Class time works very well for my schedule.

Tracey Heslop

Amazing workout with top of the line equipment

Matt Nadalin

Im used to doing chest days but not like this. This program is an opportunity to shut your brain off and just go for it.


This workout was awesome I highly reccomend. I have never been pushed like this nor would have on my own.


I have enjoyed in the past small group training and have done kettle bell and circuit training. I tried their 3 day pass and I have to say, awesome. Kristen the trainer is a rock star designing the workouts. I signed up monthly. The schedule is flexible and the program is fantastic. Already feeling results. kudos Kristen!